- Proposition Development

Cornerstone, a major Scottish charity, had an idea. But they needed to develop it, find out if there was demand, identify the gaps in what was offered already and then establish whether they could fill them. We carried out desk research, a 360 degree qualitative stage and quantitative analysis to help them find out. It worked. And then we helped them to plan how to take it forward. Find out more about Cornerstone here.

Lloyds Banking Group

- Tracker Study

In August 2009 What's Next began to track the confidence in the UK commercial property market for Lloyds Banking Group. Interviewing around 550 financial decision makers twice a year, from small businesses through to the major players and fund managers, the study is published in Estates Gazette and on the Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking website. See the latest results here.


The Association of Corporate Treasurers

- Membership Survey

The Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT) wanted to understand how Treasurers are interacting with their Boards and how this is evolving over time. The results have been fascinating and with two years of data now we are seeing how their views, activities and interactions are developing as the business landscape changes. The latest findings can be viewed here.

NHS Education for Scotland

- Service Enhancement

NHS Education for Scotland (NES) approached us to help them to understand how optometrists use the training services they offer and how to extend their services to further increase engagement. A series of focus groups were held across Scotland with practitioners of differing experience and NES involvement. The results provided a basis for building the NES training proposition over time, with a mix of low hanging fruit and longer term development opportunities.


Catherine Lepreux Interiors   |   Make Sense - Coaching, Counselling and Mentoring

- Brand Development and Marketing

Working with a business from start up is a particular privilege and no matter what field they are in there are some fundamentals that it really pays to work out right at the beginning. Catherine Lepreux approached us when she was setting up her interior design business, Catherine Lepreux Interiors, and Susan Marr got in touch as she set up her coaching, counselling and mentoring service - Make Sense. Both were looking for help to develop their branding and marketing. Crystalising who they each saw as potential clients, the type of services to be offered and how the businesses should be presented to their specific markets has supported their development into distinctive, recognised, successful and established businesses.


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