Fay Purves

Fay Purves, CMRS 

Managing Director


The what?s next! team working on your project has a minimum of 16 years' experience with FTSE 350 businesses. We've helped them define their markets, develop brands and products, understand their customers and generally move their businesses forwards. We think that sort of experience could help other businesses.

Maybe a business like yours.

We don't have a crystal ball and we won't promise to make your profits double just by muttering a few magic words. But there is something magical about getting the right group of people together, getting your thoughts flowing, finding new solutions to old problems and having people who can help turn your masterplan into reality.

We work with a whole community of talented associates so we'll always be able to find the right individuals to make our work personal to your needs. Our people are smart yet straightforward, creative yet practical, professional yet personable. Just like our clients.



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